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DRR/CCA – Enhanced PDPFP


The formulation of the Provincial Development and Physical Framework Plan (PDPFP) is anchored on the NEDA-DILG-DBM-DOF Joint Memorandum Circular No. 1, series of 2007. The JMC set the Guidelines on the Harmonization of Local Planning, Investment Programming, Revenue Administration, Budgeting and Expenditure Management. Furthermore, Section 3.7 of the JMC prescribes that the PDPFP “merges the traditionally separate provincial framework plan and provincial development plan to address the disconnect between spatial and sectoral factors and between medium- and long-term concerns.”

To carry out the requirements of Republic Act No. 10121 of 2010, Disaster Risk Reduction and Climate Change Adaptation (DRR/CCA) is mainstreamed in the DRR/CCA enhanced-PDPFP as policy formulation, socio-economic development planning.

The DRR/CCA-enhanced PDPFP of Cotabato Province is a six-year medium-term development plan, guided by a long-term vision. It is intended to coincide with two three-year political terms of the Governor, and can be aligned with a full term of national leadership. Planning analyses, however, extended beyond the medium-term to consider longer-term trends. These are necessary inputs to the identification of strategies and PPAs for the six-year plan period. Kidapawan City and the 17 municipalities served as the major level of analytical disaggregation. The planning environment considers all major sectors relevant to the development of the province which revolves around the following core elements: population, economic activity, physical resources, income/access to services and land use.


The DRR/CCA Enhanced PDPFP is organized as follows:

1. Introduction:  This lays down the backdrop of enhanced PDPFP, its objectives, context, process and coverage

2. Vision:  The  long-term vision for the Province is discussed in this section.  It is a shared vision of the constituents of Cotabato Province as expressed through its leadership in consultation with stakeholders.

3. Planning Environment:  This section provides the description and analyses of the social, economic, physical environment, hazard and climate change profile of  the  Province  that  serve  as  basis  for  identifying  development   challenges and issues, and  subsequent courses of action (strategies, plans, programs, and activities).

4. Development Issues/Problems, Goals, Objectives, and Targets  The DRR/CCA-enhanced PDPFP  aIso   tackles issues,  challenges,  and  opportunities  facing  and  accompanying  the task of accomplishing the identified development goals, objectives and  targets.

5. Programs, Plans, Strategies and Activities:  Specific strategies, plans, programs, and activities are identified in the plan to address development issues and accomplish objectives are identified in the plan.

6.  Plan Implementation Mechanism: The last chapter discusses the steps, processes and support systems to ensure that the DRR/CCA-enahanced-PDPFP is implemented.

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