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Existing Land Use Map


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The total land area of 656,590 hectares is distributed into production lands, protection lands, built-up areas, areas for infrastructure and utilities, and other uses or miscellaneous.

Production lands are non-built-up areas which are used for agriculture, production forest and tourism. These areas are classified as those within A and D lands (283,193.54 has.) and those in the production forest (203,540.81 has.). Production lands share 74.13 % of the total land area of the province.

Protection lands include NIPAS, Non-NIPAS, areas prone to natural hazards, environmentally critical areas, tourism and SAFDZs. These areas need rehabilitation, conservation, sustainable development, and management because of their distinctive physical features, historical significance, educational value, and biological diversity. It also includes those areas covered by the Ancestral Domain Claims and security risks areas. Protection lands of the province have an aggregate area of 137,341 hectares and share 20.90 % of the total land area.

Built-up areas are composed of settlements and civil reservations. Settlements are areas where population are concentrated while civil reservations are lands alloted by government for special use but may eventually be used as settlement areas. In the Province,   built-up areas (26,490 hectares) share 4.03% of the total land area.

Areas allocated for infrastructure and utilities (4,435.65 hectares) share 0.70 % of the total land area, while the remaining (1,589 hectares) 0.24% is classified as miscellaneous. Shown in the table below is the existing land use distribution of the province.


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