Provincial Planning & Development Office


The province of Cotabato has vast potentials in Tourism Industry, but has to be developed significantly to attract more tourist investors, foreign or local. Tourism in the province is definitely one of the promising avenues for much needed foreign exchange. Major tourist attractions abound in this exotic province.

There are many other natural attractions which offer visitors a wide array of activities and experiences. Natural attractions include many mountain peaks, centuries-old rainforests, hot springs, marshes, caves, waterfalls, cold and hot springs, lakes and rivers and abundance of wildlife such as monkeys, deer, wild pigs, different species of bird, eagle, tarsier and many others that are found in various municipalities. These many assets can draw many visitors to the area to engage in different activities like hiking, fishing, wildlife photography, water tubing, nature observation as well as meditating at the peak of the highest mountain.

Of the international interest, there is the Mt. Apo with its fresh water lake at Venado and the peak, its rare monkey-eating eagle and the famed waling-waling. Lake Agco, a rare blue boiling lake, offers an added treat. This is in Kidapawan City. Domestic and foreign tourists have come again and again to the Mt. Apo National Park.

Further, man-made attractions like resorts, adventure and sports facilities, standard hotels, specialty restaurants and eateries, fruit farms, cultural villages, historical sites, festivals, old churches, and a lot more.

Cotabato province being strategically located at the center of Mindanao is away from the typhoon belt, while it enjoys a manageable peace and order condition.

To boost the tourism industry, transportation and accommodation facilities have been encouraged and the people have themselves become accustomed to entertaining tourists, sharing with them their history of unique life and culture.